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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Cars, Buses, Trucks, Motorcycles, Bicycles 

New York's laws concerning motor vehicle accidents are some of the most anti-consumer laws in the United States.  Mr. Gjoni has nearly two decades of experience helping victims and their families through some of the most difficult and stressful times of their life.

Years of practice in this field have enabled Mr. Gjoni to help many victims by protecting them against the anti-consumer actions of insurance companies and their attorneys.  

Property Accidents

Trip and Falls, Ceiling Collapses, Poorly Maintained Properties, Dangerous Conditions

New York is a City with history.  Unfortunately part of the history includes landlords who neglect the properties that make up New York's iconic skyline.   

Whether the landlord is a private company or a negligent governmental agency, Mr. Gjoni has helped those victims of these landlords recover in and out of Court.

Construction Accidents

New York's ever changing skyline is a site to behold.  However, the deadlines, time crunches and overworked laborers have created a class of persons susceptible to grave and serious injuries.

Gjoni Law PC gives these persons a voice and insures that the wrongs committed against them do not go unanswered.  

Falls, Scaffold Accidents, Job Site Injuries 

Workers Compensation

Any worker in New York who is disabled or injured while on the job is provided protection by the State, even if their employer does not provide them with insurance.  

This protection helps those injured workers by providing wages while healing and covers any medical expenses related to that injury.

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